“I Hate Pigeons!”


Cool, isn’t it? Here’s the story:

Wrench almost tore her hair out in frustration. How many more pigeons were going to ruin her prized airship? She couldn’t take it much longer, she was going to kill those pigeons!

“PIGEONS! I’M GOING TO GET YOU!” she shrieked. Wrench pulled out her pistol and climbed onto the balloon of the ship.

“Uh, Wrench?” Wisp called, “Is that really a good idea? I mean, remember what happened last time?”

“Bah. I learned from my mistake. I ain’t fallin’ off my airship this┬átime!” Wrench stood up on the balloon to take aim at the wretched beasts when…a banana peel suddenly appeared under her foot.

“I THOUGH WE CLEANED ALL THE BANANA PEELS UP, WISP!” Wrench landed on the deck of her beautiful airship.

“Um…I might have missed a few…” Wisp didn’t meet Wrench’s eyes.

Wrench snorted and picked herself up, striding back to her place at the wheel.