Cool Links!

So, I use this website called Polyvore. It’s a FREE (yay!) site that lets you design costumes, outfits, rooms, and other miscellaneous things! It’s kind of what my blog is for (see title, nitwits) so…please check it out! My Profile

There’s also Figment. Figment is a writing site that lets you share your writing with other people and you can also read other people’s work. You can join groups for writing-not all of them are for that, though. There are groups like ‘Figs Against Censorship.’ (I’m part of that-join that to end the censorship of Figment!) We call ourselves the Figs. We’re awesome like that. You get emails that are about going-ons in Figment and also cool music, like Sophie Ellis-Bextor. My Profile


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